THE IMPACT SHOW (El Momento del Impacto) At Cafe De La Esquina


Tonight at 7pm the opening from the reception for THE IMPACT SHOW (El Momento del Impacto) at Cafe De La Esquina in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

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The Mexican culture has had lasting impact on other cultures throughout the world. The mixture of native legends, artistic expression, and elements of Spanish culture make the Mexican culture unique and fascinating. In America, there has been tremendous impact on the rights of Mexican-Americans that came about through movements for equity, equality, and justice. THE IMPACT SHOW (El Momento del Impacto) highlights the cross over appeal of some of the important aspects of Mexican culture that have been embraced by other cultures around the world. The legacy of the famous artist and self-portraitist Frida Kahlo continues to influence women of all cultures through representations of strength, pain, and passion. The festival of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is an honored tradition that originated in Mexico and is an annual ritual recognized throughout the world to remember departed loved ones through festive celebration. Lucha Libre, the popular sport of wrestling, which also originated in Mexico, is widely followed in many countries and is an integral part of pop culture in Mexico and throughout the world. In addition to these popular aspects of Mexican culture, the Chicano Movement (Movimiento) produced essential change to the lives of Mexican’s in America. Mexican-Americans projected great unity and strength onto the inequities they were faced with in America. As a result of their persistence, positive change arose and barriers were broken down. The impact of these significant aspects of Mexican culture is honored in THE IMPACT SHOW (El Momento del Impacto).

THE IMPACT SHOW (El Momento del Impacto) will be held at La Esquina in Brooklyn and will show case the artistic expressions of 18 sensational artists from New York and California. The art presentation will be exhibited throughout the restaurant and the outside patio, turning all dining areas into a gallery (no restaurant seating) and upon entering the restaurant, there will be other elements of the show.

Cafe De La Esquina At Wythe Diner
225 Wythe Ave

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